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Las Candelas de Los Cerrillos - The little candle lights of Cerrillos
The specific purpose of the [501(c)(3)] corporation is to make charitable collections and distributions to projects or activities that benefit the citizens of the Village of Los Cerrillos and its surrounding areas and improve their community in various ways.

Las Candelas de Los Cerrillos is a group of citizens making Cerrillos a better place to live. We all love the village and want it safe for our families, nice looking for our guests; for our children to feel free to walk around; for our pets to be under control, to keep our streets graded and the garbage picked up. Las Candelas works with State, County, and neighboring towns to keep the area nice for everyone to enjoy. This website is sponsored by Las Candelas de Los Cerrillos. We are trying to preserve the history and bring Cerrillos into the future. Any comments or suggestions are always welcomed.


1998 Town Fiesta - arts, crafts, food & music. Worked with movie company.

2001 Summer & Christmas Art Projects for Youths. 

2003 Town Fiesta in conjunction with the opening of Cerrillos Hills County Park.

2004 Donated money for family assistance. Conducted townwide survey, outcome - preserve trees in town center, assistance to people in need, preserve promotion for movie making, youth activities.

2005 Trimmed village trees. Started Historical Society to plaque buildings. Held discussion on Cerrillos Hills park becoming State Park. Worked with movie company.

2006 Further Cerrillos Historic Park discussions & held Cerrillos village yard sale event.

2007 Used County fire department chipper to remove branches & clean up town from winter storm. Funded graffiti removal & held Cerrillos village yard sale event.

2008 Worked with sheriff department to step up neighborhood watch. Worked with County and DOT to make sure all directional road signs are up. Held annual yard sale. Worked with movie company.

2009 Graffiti removal, County road grading, State sign improvements. Cerrillos Hills State Park opened & held village yard sale.

2010 Worked with movie company. Kept up with graffiti removal & road grading and held village yard sale.

2011 Worked with 4 movie companies, Held village yard sale. Kept up with road grading & graffiti.   Worked with County to put in Children's Playground on River St., sent donation & volunteered with TTVFD Christmas party. Built a website for Cerrillos.

2012 Donated money to NM State Parks for Cerrillos Hills State Park headquarters opening, donated towards the Village Fair, gave a Cerrillos Village History hike, held annual yard sale. Worked with 2 movie compaines with filming in town, registered a Cerrillos liasion for Film Commission. Met with other town representatives & our County Commissioner. 

2013 Graffiti removal, County road grading, assisted with a Search & Rescue in the mining district, conducted a History Walk, held community yard sale, helped with Fiesta de Cerrillos, donated to TTVFD Christmas fund.  

2014 Kept up with graffiti removal and adopt a mile clean up, held history hike, townwide yard sale, in support of protecting La Bajada Mesa from gravel mining, in contact with Santa Fe County & their effort to chip seal First Street and build Senior Center in town. Donated for town Christmas decorations.

2015 Contacted Herzog to remove dead utility poles along RR tracks through town, removed any visible graffiti, picked up garbage along Hwy 14 adopt a mile, contacted SFNM about jump starting First Street, held history hike and town wide yard sale, donated to Fiesta and TTVFD Christmas party, attended County Zoning meetings. Supported film crew and revised village LCDLC film contract.                   

Las Candelas de Los Cerrillos - PO Box 795 - Cerrillos, NM 87010

President: Todd Brown   438-3008

Board members: Todd Yocham, Patricia Brown, Susan Schneider, Ross Lockridge, Ann Murray,
Nia Parry, Gretel Wannenmacher, Carol O'Keefe, Heide Steele, Dave Campbell, Becky Walding, Patrick Torres, Margaret Cushing and Ruth Center.                                                                  


Helpful Numbers:

Santa Fe County website
102 Grant Ave Santa Fe, NM 87501-2061  
phone (505) 986-6200

Santa Fe County dump permit

SF County Constituent Services
animal control, repair pot hole, snow or ice removal, graffiti removal
M-F, 8-5pm.  (505) 955-2701  or 983-4309 

County Road Maintenance:  (505) 992-3010

NM DOT (Dist 5) Cerrillos yard:  (505) 471-3762

Sheriff Department: (505) 986-2400
Non-Emergency Sheriff: (505) 428-3720
Emergency - 911

TTVFD:  (505) 474-8282
Emergency - 911

Trash Service: MCT (800) 876-8651 or (505) 345-8651


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